Clone a website using elementor

How to clone a website using Elementor

Website Cloning:

The process of replicating the structure and content of pages and posts and implementing them to another site is known as cloning an existing website. Website cloning can be helpful for a variety of reasons.

Every WordPress user should be able to create a replica of a website. Website clone is helpful for web businesses that manage many websites across various WordPress hosting providers. When a problem develops, they can clone the client’s website and experiment with alternative remedies until you fix the problem.


Website Cloning

When you need Website cloning:

Here are several scenarios in which you might need to clone a website.

  • Compatibility Testing
  • Backing Up Your Website
  • Moving Your Website to a New Server
  • Clone Your Website for a Similar Project


Web Cloning:

From the first phases of website planning and competition analysis through its database architecture, design, programming, testing, deployment, and beyond – you want to ensure that everything is flawless. Now, suppose your website concept is comparable to one of an existing famous website. In that case, you may utilize a clone script with similar features as the popular reference site that has ‘inspired’ you to construct your base rapidly.

Having a website clone allows you to test for updates and ensure that any changes you make to your website are tested correctly on a staging website.


Website Cloning using Elementor:

There are several approaches to duplicating an existing website. Each has different prices and problems.

Elementor is currently one of the most excellent page builders available. Anyone, regardless of coding expertise, can now develop and design websites using their simple interface. You should be able to get your website up and running quickly, thanks to its short learning curve.

If you want to accelerate the process even further, Elementor offers pre-designed themes and designs in both the standard and PRO versions!

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Website Cloning using Elementor


Elementor Plans: 

Elementor has a free plan as well as several premium membership options. The free edition available includes everything you need to build a great user experience on your website, including 40+ basic widgets, a drag-and-drop editor, and 30+ templates.


Elementor Templates

Templates are pre-designed blocks and pages that you can use to create a website. Pages are complete content layouts, whereas Blocks contain pre-built widgets like headers, footers, and FAQs.

Elementor grants you complete permission to use any of the templates in your business. There is a section where you may search for specific templates based on template name, page type, or tag. Furthermore, all templates are responsive to mobile. You can add the templates to any webpage with a single click.



We’ve discussed how to clone a website using Elementor and an essential guide about Elementor. Duplicating a website is a piece of cake if you have the appropriate plugins.

Website cloning does need a significant amount of fiddling with the settings and ensuring that the settings are proper and aligned. But the ultimate line is that it is required and necessary.

If your needs are complicated, you may need to invest more time and money in hiring a freelancer to produce something unique. Alternatively, you may do it yourself with a page builder like Elementor.

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